Dog training in Wrocław Lower Silesian - private dog training

Dog training in Wrocław (Wroclaw City) - your personal dog trainer.

Modern and positive Dog training - Private lessons for you and your dog in Wrocław - and Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

michał szenHi my name is Michał and I'm dog traininer located in Głogów (small city in Lower Silesian or by its Polish name of województwo dolnośląskie in Poland).
Actually I'm giving indyvidual private lessons for my clients, and their dogs in the cities like:

If you are living in diffrent city - but it's close to Wrocław or other cities in Lower Silesian voivodeship we can meet for dog training lessons.

I offer obedience training, specialize in rehabilitating fearfull dogs and custom training programs for you and your pet.

"Dog Training" can be fast and effective - prepare for fast results.

"Szkolenie psów" = "dog training" in english - For a telephone consultation call 508-194-283 or click here to email me.

The most popular problems with dog behaviour that am working with:

  • Puppy Socialization,
  • Puppy Training,
  • Stop Excessive Barking
  • Separation Anxiety In Dogs
  • Stop Puppy Biting/Mouthing
  • Puppy Leash Training
  • Correcting Puppy Behavioral Problems
  • Puppy Crate Training
  • How To Stop Dogs From Digging
  • proper obedience training
  • Excessive Barking
  • Chewing Problems
  • Poop Eating (Coprophagia)
  • Jumping Up On People
  • Puppy Whining/Crying
  • Hyperactive Dogs

We can teach your dog basic Dog Obedience Training Commands

  1. Sit!
  2. Down
  3. Come / Recall
  4. Leash Training
  5. Stay
  6. Heeling
  7. Go To Your Spot!
  8. Leave It!
  9. The Stand Command
  10. Fetch or Retrieve
For a telephone consultation call 508-194-283 or click here to email me....